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Who we are:   Idea Brokers“ who specialize in enhancing Real Estate Land Values and Creating Expansion Programs for Merchants



Gerald H. Genet


Randy S. Genet

Executive Vice President



GERALD  H.  GENET, INC., created in 1972, has earned the reputation of being a premier Retail, Commercial Leasing and Marketing Real Estate Brokerage Firm.  We specialize in bringing major tracts of land to market using the dual approach of combining creative vision with in-depth research.  The firm has targeted missing merchants in a marketplace and the hidden assets of real estate properties which has resulted in successful developments throughout the United States.


GERALD  H.  GENET,  INC. prides itself in meeting the challenges of retailers, landowners, shopping center developers as well as corporate clients (i.e., ALLIED SIGNAL, G. D. SEARLE PHARMACEUTICAL, HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, INGERSOLL-RAND, etc.) and individual investors - by assessing, analyzing and evaluating the potential of large tracts of land.  We have risen to the occasion for over 39 years as a company and the principals of GERALD  H.  GENET,  INC. and its companion company GENET REALTY total over 87 years of experience.  We are licensed in numerous states and have effected the development of more than 7 million square feet of retail space.  At its inception GERALD  H.  GENET,  INC. began by developing expansion programs for retail operations. 


For example:


  • We have effected over 200 leases for PEARLE VISION CENTERS throughout the United States and Canada.  We also participated in effecting their logistical support system of warehouses, laboratories and regional offices.


  • We assisted in expansion planning for discount department stores such as BOSCOV, CALDOR, K-MART, etc. and for supermarket chains such as PATHMARK & WEGMANS.


  • We effected approximately 11 TOY'S “R“ US stores and worked with Charles Lazarus and his staff when TOY'S “R“ US gave our firm an assignment of strategically locating a prototype store and thus, we effected the opening of the first KIDS “R“ US in the United States and 7 of the first 31 located in New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland.


  • Over the years we have worked exclusively with specialty retailers in the electronics field as well as soft goods - apparel users (NBO, TODAY'S MAN, etc.).  GERALD  H.  GENET,  INC. created the expansion program for the CRAZY EDDIE electronics stores and effected the opening of 28 CRAZY EDDIE stores and the headquarters, warehouse and distribution center in Edison, NJ.  GERALD  H.  GENET,  INC. was appointed by the courts to liquidate the 48 store chain located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.


With our strong background in marketing and research we turned our attention to adapting to changes and needs in the marketplace and thus, to the seeding and developing . . . . .in other words, the bringing to market major retail tracts of land.  In the past 12 years our business has evolved and we will mention just some of the projects in which we have participated and you may indeed be familiar with some of these developments:


  • We provided the first anchor tenant of 150,000 Sq. Ft. - a BOSCOV Dept. Store followed by a 100,000 Sq. Ft. DICK'S SPORTING GOODS for FRANKLIN MILLS a  2.5 Million Sq. Ft. Shopping Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • We marketed the former Vaccarro Sod Farm in West Windsor, NJ - Mercer County - considered the Princeton Marketplace and effected the development of a 1.2 Million Sq. Ft and growing center on 160 Acres.  This Center is known as NASSAU PARK and NASSAU PAVILION anchored by WALMART, SAM'S, KOHLS, WEGMANS, TARGET, HOME DEPOT, BORDERS BOOKS, BEST BUY, etc.


  • We also forged a three year marketing campaign in Monmouth County for the sale and redevelopment of the SEAVIEW SQUARE MALL on 114 Acres in Ocean Township which will be anchored by SEARS, VALUE CITY, TARGET, COSTCO & LOWES.


  • In Middletown, New Jersey our determination and vision caused us to create the concept which is going through the approval process right now - for a One Million Square Foot Planned Unit Development on a 120 Acre Tract of Land - encompassing Office, Residential and Retail usage.


  • We have effected the Sale of a 50 Acre Brownfield Site in Toledo, Ohio which will be developed as a 386,000 Sq. Ft. Power Center anchored by a WALMART Superstore.


  • In Kittanning, Pennsylvania we are marketing a 75 Acre tract of land for the development of a 550,000 Sq. Ft. Power Center.


  • We sold a 17 Acre tract for ALLIED SIGNAL CORP. in East Rutherford, New Jersey which will be a Retail Center anchored by a LOWES HOME CENTER.


  • We negotiated a 45 year non-subordinated ground lease in Levittown, Long Island, New York for the development of a TARGET and SUPER STOP 'N SHOP.


  • HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL retained our firm to sell several tracts of land in Wesley Chapel, Florida (Tampa Area).  We sold a 253 Acre Tract to the CROWN CO. of Chicago, Illinois.  We sold a 120 Acre Tract for development of offices, research and retail to a developer out of North Carolina.  We sold the final parcel of .80 Acres to a restaurant user.


We are in the midst of creatively assessing and sculpting a most challenging project.  This project will encompass a 600,000 - 1,500,000 +/-  Sq. Ft. Retail Development in the Phillipsburg/Lopatcong, New Jersey area.  In order to maximize the advantages of the site we will focus on the Urban Enterprise Zone (allowing for 3% sales tax on certain products) as part of the excitement afforded by this site.  INGERSOLL-RAND has appointed us Exclusive Real Estate Broker for the retail portion of this 388 Acre Project.


We are always enthusiastic, relish the next challenge and look forward to hearing from those who want to explore and consult with us to spearhead their expansion needs or from those whose tracts of real estate are crying out for creative solutions and land value enhancement.


GERALD  H.  GENET,  INC. has also been involved with the growth of the following retail merchants by satisfying their logistical support needs in locating their Warehouse and Distribution Centers:


  1. Caldor Warehouse & Distribution Center, North Bergen/Mack Co.
  2. Ups & Downs Warehouse & Distribution Center, Secaucus, NJ/Nestle Corp.
  3. Happy Leggs Warehouse & Distribution Center, Secaucus, NJ/Hartz Mtn.
  4. Avanti Warehouse & Distribution Center, Secaucus, NJ/Private
  5. Members Only Warehouse & Distribution Center, Secaucus, NJ/Tootals
  6. Barbara Moss Warehouse & Distribution Center, Secaucus, NJ/Hartz Mtn.
  7. Kids "R" Us Warehouse & Distribution Center, Franklin Township, NJ/I. Heller
  8. Loehmann’s Warehouse & Distribution Center, Rutherford, NJ/Murray Const.


In 1981, Gerald H. Genet formed the partnership GENET REALTY whose primary function was dealing with the Office, Industrial and Warehousing requirements of its customers/clients. GENET REALTY effected transactions for the following Warehouse and Distributions Centers:


  1. Nautica Warehouse & Distribution Center, Edison, NJ/I. Heller
  2. Gilbert East Distribution Center, Linden, NJ/Cantor Properties
  3. Caldor Distribution Center, Secaucus, NJ/Hartz Mtn.
  4. Best Buy Distribution Center, Edison, NJ/Caro Co.
  5. Calumet Manufacturing, Franklin Township, NJ/Cali


In addition, GENET REALTY effected leases for:

  1. Linens 'N Things Corporate Headquarters, Clifton, NJ
  2. Medco Containment Service, a division of Merck Pharmaceutical, Headquarters Facility, Montvale, NJ
  3. State of New Jersey, Whippany, NJ
  4. State of New Jersey, Newark, NJ
  5. Represented 1st International Bank in the leasing of branch offices in Morristown, NJ; Rochester, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Detroit, MI; Pittsburg, PA; Cleveland, OH; St. Louis, MO; Los Angeles, CA; Richmond, VA.



Our dedication is to maximize the value of the property owner's real estate.

Join us as we strive to enhance your assets and satisfy your needs!


Contact us at:

111 Dunnell Road
 Maplewood, N.J. 07040
 Voice:  (973) 275-5400
   FAX:  (973) 275-5444